Taking the Cryptic out of Crypto

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ICOs – a Detailed Walkthrough

Smart - What is an ICO Let’s start at the beginning Before cryptocurrencies existed, startups and tech companies that would need to raise funds were only able to do so using private equity, kickstarter campaigns, venture capitalist, and bank loans. Today, with the introduction of blockchain

What is a Cold Wallet ?

Smart - What is a Cold Wallet? We can think of cold wallets as a safe and secure way to store your cryptocurrency in almost the same way that your real-life wallet stores your Canadian dollars and coins. A cold wallet, can also be considered your offline crypto piggy bank. That said, unlike

What’s the Difference Between Fiat and Cryptocurrency

Smart - What’s the Difference Between Fiat and Cryptocurrency? Everyone is talking about Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency and it all seems so complicated. Is it money, is it currency is it just a piece of code that is hanging out on the interwebz? What is it? Really? Money money money

What are Cryptocurrencies

What is a Cryptocurrency anyway ? Simply put, cryptocurrency is just digital currency. It’s not tied to any single country’s economy, it’s an asset represented in digital form that has monetary characteristics. The term cryptocurrency is sort of an alias - it doesn’t actually mean

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