Future Tech Podcast – A Digital Currency Exchange You Can Actually Understand

CoinSmart CEO Justin Hartzman on Future Tech Podcast In case you missed the Future Tech Podcast, we’ve added it to our blog for you. Justin Hartzman CEO, of CoinSmart Talks about why making cryptocurrency accessible, breaking down the barriers of complex trading, enabling all levels of crypto investor via the CoinSmart Get Smart Hub – […]

Why CoinSmart – A Word from our CEO

As posted in a Medium Article by: Justin Hartzman I’m launching a cryptocurrency exchange and here’s why… Let’s start by having an honest conversation about crypto exchanges and the frustrations users face. The struggle is real – I know that. How many of you have transferred funds to your account and had to wait days, […]

What the FUD is HODL, and Who’s buying the DIP?

What the FUD is HODL, and Who’s buying the DIP? As with anything, when you’re new, you’re new. Knowing what commonly used terms mean isn’t always going to be easy. Especially, when technical jargon is thrown in for fun, or when an entire community adopts a typo as an actual terminology… yes, this happens, kind […]

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